Practice: Fundraising

Content for Thursday, February 24, 2022


  • Scenario 14 (about Quad Fundraising Services) in Appendix 10, “Nonprofit Ethics Scenarios,” in Grobman, An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector1

Online resources for fundraising and donor management

Written response question

Two parts for today:

  1. What funding sources should your nonprofit draw on? Why those sources? You’ll spend class time deciding on your nonprofit’s main revenue sources. (Answer in ≈75 words.)

  2. Is hiring QFS to handle fundraising a wise decision? An ethical decision? (Answer in ≈75 words.)

  1. Gary M. Grobman, An Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector: A Practical Approach for the Twenty-First Century, 6th ed. (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: White Hat Communications, 2021). ↩︎