Here’s your roadmap for the semester!

  • Class (): This page contains the readings and slides for the class session. Read these before our in-person class.
  • Assignment (): This page contains the instructions for each assignment. Assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the day they’re listed.

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Nonprofits and communities Class Assignment
January 11 Course overview and introduction to the nonprofit sector
January 13 Defining and describing the nonprofit sector
January 18 History and theory of the nonprofit sector
January 20 Practice: Cause and community
January 21 Why nonprofits?  (submit by 11:59 PM)
January 25 Mission and vision statements
January 27 Practice: Mission and vision statements
Organization Class Assignment
February 1 Regulatory issues
February 3 Practice: Regulatory issues
February 4 Community, issue, mission, and vision  (submit by 11:59 PM)
February 8 Board governance
February 10 Practice: Board governance
February 15 Personnel
February 17 Practice: Personnel
February 18 Organizational structure  (submit by 11:59 PM)
Budgeting and marketing Class Assignment
February 22 Fundraising
February 24 Practice: Fundraising
March 1 Budgeting and financial management
March 3 Practice: Budgeting and financial management
March 4 Revenue plan and budget  (submit by 11:59 PM)
March 8 Marketing
March 10 Practice: Marketing
March 22 PR, communications, and the internet
March 24 Practice: PR, communications, and the internet
March 25 Fundraising and marketing  (submit by 11:59 PM)
Issues in nonprofit management Class Assignment
March 29 Diversity in the public sector
March 31 Practice: Diversity in the public sector
April 5 Ethics
April 7 Practice: Ethics
April 8 Diversity strategy  (submit by 11:59 PM)
April 12 International nonprofits
Final Class Assignment
April 14 Team day
April 19 Final presentations (day 1: teams 1, 3, 5, and 7)
April 21 Final presentations (day 2: teams 2, 4, 6, and 8)
May 2 Final project due  (submit by 11:59 PM)